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Integral management of homologation processes

We deliver high-value solutions, consulting, and support services throughout every state of the homologation process.

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We manage all the homologation process, delivering an integral service to manufacturers and importers who need to homologate their products.

In various Latin American countries, the homologation of telecommunication products is mandatory. Furthermore, products’ labels should display their homologation numbers in order to be commercialized. 

We inform you about the requirements for your specific product with regard to the applicable regulations, schedule and monitor the in-country testing with authorised labs, complete the required forms and submit them; managing the entire process until the homologation is released.

ENACOM homologations - Argentina -

The regulatory authority for Telecom compliance in Argentina is the ENACOM (Ente Nacional De Comunicaciones), ex AFTIC (Autoridad Federal de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones), ex CNC (Comisión Nacional de Comunicaciones).

Product Scope

Find out which product categories are covered by ENACOM resolutions.

ENACOM Legislation

More about current legislation for telecom products in Argentina. 

ENACOM Process

Learn the ENACOM homologation process.


Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


We are authorised by various Latin American organisms to homologate products. Contact Us.



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